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Probably better at Robot Unicorn Attack
than you are.

Wow check this shit out.

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Wrong camp asshole, this is The Rudest Colony. Get the fuck out you naked piece of shit.

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Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2007


Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2006-07


Photo by; blue eclipse photography

Drawings from workshop today~

One of our models was wearing a BTSSB coord and the girl sitting across from me had the raddest Afro so I drew her instead of the nude model.


This isn’t strictly related to Kaolu, but guys, guess what: Ruki (the GazettE) has created his own organic cosmetics line, “VITAL MATERIAL” !! The theme of the first collection is “blanc foret”, or “white forest” (in French).

This is so exciting! For anyone who lives in Tokyo or will be visiting Tokyo next week, there will be an exhibition of the first collection on the 9th through the 11th at GALLERY ABYDOS in Shibuya 5th ward off of Omotesando Street. I’ll absolutely be going and will be happy to provide photos (if allowed) for those of you who can’t make it. 

The brand website will be launched on August 9th, please look forward to it with all your might! I have absolutely no doubt that Kaolu will be using a few tools from the collection, so you may certainly expect more updates about this. :)

VITAL MATERIAL :: website here / twitter here

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Fei Fei


Katy Perry doesn’t care if people think she’s racist. Her career will continue to thrive unless she does something to offend either white women or white gays.



Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile Jumperskirt in Pink, 
Promenade de Paris Tights in Sax, Trick or Treat Star Ring in Pink
and Tea Party Shoes in Pink
Taobao Bought Blouse
 Handmade Hat (with Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile Headband Brooch: Repurposed)
Offbrand Bow Pin and Bracelet
My thoughts here.

Anonymous Asked:
An aesthetic is a fake leg (or arm) that people use when they got no limbs

My answer:


pretty sure that’s a prosthetic 

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you come into my house, you disrespect my aesthetic 

John Galliano Fall 2009


August is like the sunday of summer vacation